Monday, June 25, 2012

I hope everyone is doing awesome because I love my mission with my whole heart and soul. I love being called elder it is great. I love helping people all the time, helping them come closer to the savior.. A mission is hard work and is rough sometimes but keep pushing forward and have a great attitude  is the way to go and help the work progress.
 I had a interesting week. we had a community bbq and the missionaries (us) got to chase chickens in a little kids rodeo thing it was really fun and funny as well. we lost a investigator she does not want us to meet with her. I asked elder davis why does agency sometimes get in peoples way?  there is certainly opposition in all things. I will not give up but try harder and go stronger than ever before for I have to play my hardest in this life and death contest. Well I love you all and look forward to next week, do not worry about sending me music I got two cds so I will be ok in that.
I L O V E my calling as a full time missionary and I  think it is funny that we help others and in return we help ourselves grow closer to christ I love it.
Elder Linville

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012
Hi everyone. i am doing well in Castle Dale Utah. I love the work it is awesome. I have challenges and hardtimes sometimes but the miracles are just around the corner so i do not give up hope and i keep moving on. This is missionary work so it requries effort but it is worth it. I know your prayers are working so keep it up. I love all my family and friends and am grateful for all the support. we had a baptism of a partially def 10 year old boy it was so powerful and the spirit was so strong. I love this sacred oppertunity to be on the lords errand or arrend i do not know how to spell it but i am glad to serve. I love almost every moment and charish the hard and challenging ones for that is what makes us better. I love you all.
elder linville

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello familia,
I am doing well. please keep praying for me because i am trying to learn spanish and two it is helping me alot.
thank you all for supporting me. I love you all.
mom and dad- keep being awesome parents
anthony- keep being friendly and READ your scriptures
Kathy- good luck with planning and i better get pictures please
renzo- keep on praying and building your faith
jake- be strong and faithful like the army of helaman
vanessa- do your best and things will come together through time
shon- pray and be happy
much love send updates through the week so i know what to say in my emails.
ps tell brother urry that the work is worth it. I am doing my best with planning during  the day.i am trying to make everything count.
tell everyone i love them and i am grateful for their support.( ward members,bishop mcmaster,etc)
much love,
Elder Linville