Saturday, November 24, 2012

Delta Area

I am doing terrific. I HAVE ELDER LOPEZ MAYTA as my companion. We serve in the Delta Bilingual area . He is 22 and is a amazing missionary from Bolivia and he lived there for 15 years and got the papers to come to the USA and has lived in New Hampshire for the last 7 years. I love Delta. We get feed like crazy but I am going to try to control myself.  We had two baptisms this last week and I cried.They were so full of the spirit. I love them so much. We got to teach a man that has been investigating the church for over ten years. He had a lot of missionaries come before us and had a bad experience with them. A set of missionaries I do not know who tried to force him to get baptized and he was not for that at all. We got a call from a stake presidency member and he said I got someone for you to visit he said he wanted to get baptized on his birthday but then he thought about it and said he better get it done sooner so November 17th is the day. We taught him in the two weeks and baptized him and he is 87 years old. I got to assist in baptizing him and it was so special and great experience for all. And the other one was a 16 year old boy that goes to a correctional program called the white river academy and he was super ready and studies Preach My Gospel everyday. he is so grateful for a lot of things. I am grateful for a loving and supportive support system. I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve a mission and to be healthy. I am grateful for my companion and the example he is for me. I am grateful to be 20 soon even though I do not feel older and in the words of Kathy being an" old guy" I am grateful for the scriptures and a living day prophet. I love you all .

Elder Linville

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Today is another solid preparation day  in the mission. Shopping , laundry , emails , cleaning the house and car, put clothes away and sports. I have received the package and loved every last bit of it. I fit in the black and green shirts and the jeans. I shared some of the goodies with my companion. I gave the red shirt to sister loveless-  one of our landlords. I love the mission. I love helping others and start to forget about myself in the process. I am sorry for not preparing sooner and better for the mission. It puts a financial burden on the family and ward and that was not right.I know that  my birthday and Christmas are coming and I do not want you to send a single thing.You helped me so much and I know it is a lot of money so do not worry about me take care of the others. I love my family.
I love my family and look forward to the day we all can be sealed in the temple.
Elder Linville

Monday, June 25, 2012

I hope everyone is doing awesome because I love my mission with my whole heart and soul. I love being called elder it is great. I love helping people all the time, helping them come closer to the savior.. A mission is hard work and is rough sometimes but keep pushing forward and have a great attitude  is the way to go and help the work progress.
 I had a interesting week. we had a community bbq and the missionaries (us) got to chase chickens in a little kids rodeo thing it was really fun and funny as well. we lost a investigator she does not want us to meet with her. I asked elder davis why does agency sometimes get in peoples way?  there is certainly opposition in all things. I will not give up but try harder and go stronger than ever before for I have to play my hardest in this life and death contest. Well I love you all and look forward to next week, do not worry about sending me music I got two cds so I will be ok in that.
I L O V E my calling as a full time missionary and I  think it is funny that we help others and in return we help ourselves grow closer to christ I love it.
Elder Linville

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012
Hi everyone. i am doing well in Castle Dale Utah. I love the work it is awesome. I have challenges and hardtimes sometimes but the miracles are just around the corner so i do not give up hope and i keep moving on. This is missionary work so it requries effort but it is worth it. I know your prayers are working so keep it up. I love all my family and friends and am grateful for all the support. we had a baptism of a partially def 10 year old boy it was so powerful and the spirit was so strong. I love this sacred oppertunity to be on the lords errand or arrend i do not know how to spell it but i am glad to serve. I love almost every moment and charish the hard and challenging ones for that is what makes us better. I love you all.
elder linville

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hello familia,
I am doing well. please keep praying for me because i am trying to learn spanish and two it is helping me alot.
thank you all for supporting me. I love you all.
mom and dad- keep being awesome parents
anthony- keep being friendly and READ your scriptures
Kathy- good luck with planning and i better get pictures please
renzo- keep on praying and building your faith
jake- be strong and faithful like the army of helaman
vanessa- do your best and things will come together through time
shon- pray and be happy
much love send updates through the week so i know what to say in my emails.
ps tell brother urry that the work is worth it. I am doing my best with planning during  the day.i am trying to make everything count.
tell everyone i love them and i am grateful for their support.( ward members,bishop mcmaster,etc)
much love,
Elder Linville