Monday, January 28, 2013

I am doing well in Delta and love being a missionary. I have a great area ,people ,and food .
What could i ask for more than this. a great area to work in and great people to work with and alongside with and great food. I am learning a lot and loving pretty much every second of it. Sometimes times are rough and other times are fun and exciting. I look forward to another great week. We will work hard and smart . Thanks for being a great support to me.
Keep praying for me it works. Love has increased and excitement too. I will show love for others
and help them come unto Christ. I am a missionary and i am a Mormon.
elder linville

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am doing alright. I survived another transfer and look forward to staying here in delta and doing some work . By small and simple things great things are brought to pass. That is true and I will need to remember to be humble and be patient. I look forward to what the Lord wants me to do. I love the Lord and the gospel. My companion and I were teaching a couple of preachers of a different faith and OH did they make me sooo mad . They had a false doctrine anti mormon literature pamphlet and said they know what we believe and they said the Book of Mormon was a hoax and Joseph Smith was a false prophet. I could not say a word i was so angry because of what they said and my companion did his best to answer their so called questions . They just wanted us to bible bash but I do not think we will go back. I will pray to become a better missionary and strive to achieve that goal. I am staying and getting another companion.
love elder linville

Good things are occurring everyday and it is up to us to see them or to simply ignore that they are even there. I love the Gospel and the Church . I remember why i went to seminary and institute. It is because light and truth. It is because I wanted to feast on the words of Christ . It is because I have had excellent teachers that taught simply and effectively by word and very deed. It is because Christ makes all the difference. I love my family and friends. I try to see who i can help each day. I try to stay focused and strive to become an instrument in the hands of the Lord . I do not own a ton of what people called great valuable items and have it all in the world views. I have sufficient for my needs and yet in my eyes I do indeed have it all. The reason is because the Lord wants us to serve faithfully and simply help one another. I love everyone. I am beginning to see people for what they can be and try my best to help the reach that goal of my new vision . I want to be what he wants me to be. Transfers for us are coming up and I will keep you all posted of what will happen.
love much,
elder linville